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I’m glad at least some people have access to medical marijuana joints.

I’m glad at least some people have access to medical marijuana joints.

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The Morning Lim No. 1 - a Summer Saturday Brunch Cocktail mixed by Anita

The Morning Lim No. 1 is a cocktail I threw together this morning. I had just juiced 6 big limes, and was wondering how to use some of it in a recipe. There was a half bottle of Pimm’s No. 1 in the fridge, along with an opened bottle of lemon-lime sports drink leftover by my daughter. I decided to look up these Wiki sites for a bit of brainstorming mixed drink ideas…



…and I learned that Lim is Arabic and French for lime,and No.1 is English for Pimm’s. My family bloodline is a mix that includes French and English with historic ties to New Orleans, so I’m inspired to concoct a sud temps été petit déjeuner (southern summertime breakfast) cocktail recipe to replace the usual Bloody Mary and Mimosa options offered at brunches. Bonus: This 9 ounce drink has only 118 calories!

Using what I had on hand, this is what I made:

Morning Lim No.1

2 oz. shots (2 parts) Pimm’s No. 1

1 oz. shot (1 part) fresh jus de citron vert (lime juice)

2 oz. shots (2 parts) yellow Gatorade

4 oz. shots (4 parts) filtered water

Serve: Into a big goblet, pour over 4 parts (4 cubes) ice.

Swish to mix.

You’re Welcome ~ Anita


Mike Wallace - Natural High (1967) - Atco 6783


Big Leaf



Look Away, on the Beltline

On this very historic day it seems appropriate to share these:



Hurt Plaza Alley - Atlanta, GA
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Vintage Falls City Beer Can Opener
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